imagesMitali Raj sees verify his cabinet and tense. She asks him what he does. He says he’s looking for his wallet as he thinks he should have taken. Mitali Raj hardened signed ownership documents, found his wallet in a cloth and gave it to ask not to touch. The new Cabinet at him She thinks to hide his papers. Producer hosts the fashion show and his wife joined him and asked about her new product. Annouches producers while Abhi will launch with a ram near their product. Abhi began his alley stroll. Producer AD while the lady love Abhi, his wife is the aisle with him. Abhi is shocked to hear that and starts to frown angrily.

comes on stage and stands beside him. Producer says they make a great couple and said if junior Abhi have is their product serve its purpose. Abhi asked Pragya on Tanu and asks where they sent him. Pragya said he would ask the producer. Tanu walk the ramp behind junior models. Abhi product launches, scold Pragya. He was surprised to see Tanu keep the product as a junior model of it. Tanu think Pragya offended and now they intend to insult him in front of everyone. The Pragya fall, but having Abhi in time. Ooo Karan ki Rabba song plays in the background.
Daadi shows Kumkum Bhagya papers to his lawyer and said he is original and does not know why she wants to break BMC. Lawyer asks his assistant for more information on kumkum bhagya and Sarla said that if the room is rented on lands govt may take govt.

The only way to save him is if he advises influential person. He receives a call from his partner, who announced that the country where marriage is to ask govt not to lose hope. Walk Tanu murmur anger will ruin the lives of Pragya. Daadi comes here and says she wants to thank and apologize and him. She says she fell and gave his place to Pragya. She invites him to her house and left with her ​​cousins.
Producer comes. She asked why he was told to come back. He says he wants to thank when he saw that his decision Pragya fall and was detained by her, and Abhi Pragya asked photographers clicked their photos, it will now be printed. Those panels peak At that time, his assistant brings the peak of Abhi / Pragya. He gives it to Tanu. Tanu guess they will not let Pragya to stay alive and burns peak Abhi.

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